Jeremiah 29:11


I had no plans to blog today as for me today has been a day of rest. It is getting harder for my recovery because I am beginning to LOOK healed but I am still so weak and tired. Sure, I am still Meg so I had time to throw up our Halloween decorations today with the help of my parents, but still, I do need rest.

I had to post a picture of the above pillow, a gift received from a dear Trinity Fitness friend a few days before surgery.

God did know the plans that he had for me – and the plans that he had for my sister, which is a hard pill to swallow.

But as the beautiful sun sets, I realize that He has given us a gift. And gifts should be opened and shared. My sister and I have only just begun sharing our stories in the hopes of inspiring other women (and men!).

The friend who gifted me that pillow is a fellow Adpi sister. It feels like such a special gift as I spend the days praying for another fellow sorority sister who is battling breast cancer with an infant at home.

We can’t always understand the plans that God has for us, but we can choose our attitude on the ride.

And I’m just so grateful that He gave me the gift of prevention so I can enjoy these sunsets with my men.





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