Getting Back to Working Out: The Struggle is Real!

One thing that people would be very surprised to hear about me is that I was dreading not being able to work out for six weeks. Dreading.

Most friends from elementary school, or even college, likely wouldn’t believe that was true. My infamous tagline from 1999 – 2015 has been, “The last time that I worked out was 8th grade gym”.

Well, that changed when I was introduced to Trinity Fitness. It came at a perfect time for my husband and I. Logan was working out at his workplace with a crew that I had never met and while that was fine at first, it became uncomfortable when he formed relationships that I was not apart of at all.

One female gym friendship, in particular, began to bothered me and we both set out to find a home gym for Logan. While scrolling through Facebook in December 2014, I found an advertisement for a future gym, a mile from our home, called Trinity Fitness.

Logan fell in love right away and actually became a trainer there within a month. He feels more physically fit but more importantly, more spiritually fit. My Facebook scrolling led him to a relationship with Christ and I am ever so grateful.

Well, I drank the Trinity water, too, and became obsessed. I began working out three days/week, eating clean and seeing the results. I felt strongly and my own relationship with Christ grew stronger, too. Our marriage, our parenting – everything is stronger because of Trinity Fitness.

Well, my surgery caused a holding pattern in my fitness routine. I knew how important this surgery was but I didn’t realize how hard it would be to not feel as physically fit.

After six weeks and one day, I headed back to my three day/week workouts and it felt amazing! Frustrating, but amazing. It is hard to go slower, lift lighter, be patient. But it feels good to be back and I don’t plan stopping anytime soon!




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