We are sisters, (11 1/2 years apart!) ,Kristin Siegle Hurley & Meg Siegle James who are battling very different sides of non-BRCA breast cancer.

Kristin, diagnosed at age 41, was the sixth member of our family to be diagnosed with breast cancer. Before her: our great uncle, great aunt, both grandmothers and our mother.

We soon realized that a variance, NBN, was the cause of these struggles – which brought light to so many other variances that could cause you to get breast cancer. Feelings that these variances do not get as much attention as NBN, we set off to bring awareness to other genetic variances that could cause breast cancer.

Please join my sister Kristin (https://www.mylifeline.org/index.php/kristinhurley/updates/update/1516625) and I as we hope to spread breast cancer awareness and prevention unrelated to the BRCA gene.

Our main platform is that you can get or worry about getting breast cancer without having to have the BRCA gene. There are so many additional variances that can cause breast cancer and we would like the attention to start shifting towards researching them.

Breast wishes!